Bremen Walle

Walle is a borough in the north of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. It is bordering on the river Weser and has some redeveloped but also active harbour areas where you for example could visit a traditional roasting house including a cafe, Lloyd Caffee GmbH.

  • City: Bremen, Germany
  • How to get there: Take tram line No. 3 from Domsheide Tram Stop to Elisabeth Tram Stop. From there it is a 20-minute walk through an interesting housing quarter with narrow streets until you reach the harbour.
  • Tip: Instead of returning to the city from Grasberger Straße Tram Stop you could continue walking up to the ‘Waterfront Bremen’ shopping centre and enjoy some more river views from their grand plaza. From there it also tram line No. 3 that takes you back to the city.
  • Ticket: The tram ticket has to be valid for Preisstufe 1
  • Transport information: Bremer Straßenbahn AG
  • Location: Walking route from tram stop to coffee house 

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