Copenhagen Fæstningskanalen

Not in many travel guide books so far: The canal that forms an outer fortification ring around the Danish capital. With green spaces following nearly the whole length of the waterway it is definitely a different approach of exploring Copenhagen and its outer-lying boroughs on foot or by bike. Along the way you’ll find some interesting historic artefacts and good information plaques.

  • City: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • How to get there: Take the S-train (S-tog) line B or H from Copenhagen Central Station to Emdrup Station. Then follow a small park until you reach a lake called Utterslev Mose. Beyond this lake you will find the beginning (or end) of the canal.
  • Tip: Keep walking along the canal and the park alongside for a couple of kilometres. Take the train back to Copenhagen Central Station from Husum Station or Islev Station. Total length of this walk is around 8km.
  • Ticket: Easiest option is to get a City Pass for 24 hours, Zones 1-4.
  • Transport information: DSB
  • Location: Fæstningskanalen
  • More information: Fæstningskanalen on Wikipedia



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